6 Must Haves from J.Crew for the Winter

6 Must Haves from J.Crew for the Winter

Three attributes define a perfect winter wardrobe – cozy, warm and stylish. Stocking up a wardrobe pieces that fulfill these three requirements is not easy unless you really work on it. We have got some winter items from J.Crew to make this possible for you. Enjoy your winter with scarf, gloves, hat, sweater, boot and coat we suggest for a chic and warm style. These absolutely stylish accessories from J.Crew would make your next winter interesting for sure.

1. The Gloves

J.Crew Striped Glittens is a new style accessory that keeps your hands warm and free. Mittens cum fingerless gloves save your fingers from freezing while allowing you to text when you want.

2. The Hat

J.Crew Trapper Hat comes in luxurious shearling to keep you warm and protected on chilly days. Made in England, this hat features a cool design in a classic color that pairs with any outfit for a stylish appearance.

3. The Coat

J.Crew Chateau Parka is specially cut to offer a classic fit in midthigh length. This coat features attractive windowpane check pattern for an attractive look elevated with the faux fur trim hood. The perfect accessory to feel chic in winter!

4. The Scarf

J.Crew Bright Stole in faux fur offers the perfect pop with the bright pink color and allows staying warm and cozy without sounding unstylish.

5. The Sweater

J.Crew Sweater features an innovative style in Italian Cashmere with bracelet sleeves. Rib trim details on the hem and cuff render a nice touch to the perfectly knit sweater for the cold season.

6. The Boot

J.Crew Ankle Boots are specially designed to go perfectly with anything you wear. Suede boots with wraparound buckle allow adjusting the fit to comfort and add a unique charm to your winter look.